* Students check out their books on their class library day. They return the book(s) to the designated spot in their classroom. Books need to be returned or renewed the day before their library day.

*Students must return a book to get a new one.

*Once a book becomes over due, a student can not check out any more books until he returns the late book.

*The Librarian sends home a blue overdue notice to inform family of the late book, damaged or lost book.

*If a students returns a damaged book that is beyond repair or lost, a replacement cost must be paid for. Replacement cost includes the price of purchasing a new book, plus an additional fee to cover processing. District policy dictates that if compensation for a lost or damaged book is not received by the end of a reporting period, the report card of the student is held until guardian pays the cost.

*Students in grades K, 1, 2 check out one until teachers assigns an additional AR book. Student must return both books in order to check out any books.

*Students in 3, and 4th grade, check out two books with one being an AR book in correct level. Overdue book must be returned before any further books be checked out or renewed.