Sasquatch Challenge

Sasquatch Survivor Reading Challenge is available to 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students. Students are provided with a group of books selected by librarians. This year the books come from two lists. The Sasquatch list includes books selected by a panel of Washington Librarians and is intended for students in grades 3-6. The 2017 Sasquatch books have a special Sasquatch label on the front cover and kept in designated location in the library. Students in grade 4, read 6 Sasquatch books, in grade 3, students read, 5books, and in grade 2, students read 4. After reading, they must take an AR test and pass with 80% or better. When the student who reaches the goal, receives a fleece designed scarf, Sasquatch luggage tag, pennant or notebook and a certificate during Morning Assembly. All books are available at the public library in book, e-book or audio format.


reading award

2018 Sasquatch Titles

Biley's Story 4.5

Book Scavenger 5.5

Booked 3.9

Dory, Dory, Black Sheep 3.1

Fish in a Tree 3.7

Full of Beans3.8

Fuzzy Mud 5.0

Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible 5.1

Hero Two Doors Down 4.3

Inspector Flytrap3.8

Last Kids on Earth 4.1

Lola Levine is Not mean 4.1

Masterminds 5.2

Nathan Hale Alamo All Stars 3.3

Nine, Ten: A September 11 Story 4.8

Shadows of Sherwood 4.9

Stella by Starlight 4.8

Skunked (Calpurnia) 4.5

Story of Diva and Flea 4.6

Terrible Two 4.5

War that Saved My life 4.1

What was Pampeii 6.3

Wild Robot 5.1

reading award

2018 Sasquatch Titles

Audrey Stranes (5/18/2018)

Monet Cornelious-Kirwood (5/18/2018)

Abigail Lensch (5/07/2018)

Arthur Cui (5/01/2018)

Nami Brent (4/25/2018)

Jude Walton (4/17/2018)

Tabitha Burk (4/16/2018)

Michael Powers (4/04/2018)

Sam VanValkenburg(4/02/2018)

Rylee Johnson(3/27/18)

Carson Splaine(3/21/18)

Emily Stewart(3/14/2018)

Grace Ruffner(2/26/2018)

Shella Hornbeck (2/13/2018)

Haileigh Goodman (2/08/2018)

3x Orion Simpson (2/05/2018)(5/1/2018)

Sawyer Baerg (1/19/18) 2nd grader

Ryan White (12/15/17)

2x Gianna Crossley(12/4/17)(2/8/2018)

Savannah Jones (12/04/17)

3x Landon Lee (04/03/17)

3x Alathea Peart (11/23/17)(5/03/2018)

4x Hope Winer (11/17/17)(3/21/18)(4/30/2018)

3x Dane Brubaker (11/13/17), (1/03/2018), (2/13/2018)

2x Jaxon Walker-Kennedy(10/17) 2nd grader

Zaidyn McDonald(10/2017)

2x Isla Anderson (10/10/17) (2/15/2018)

2017 Sasquatch Readers

Asia Williams (5/31/17)

Anglea Blakeslee (6/14/17)

Charlotte Gering (6/08/17)

Trenton Bemis (6/10/17) 2x

Banning Weems (6/13/17) 2x

Joshua Heyer (5/31/17) 2x

Noah McNaughton (5/31/17)6x

Brian Harris (5/31/17) 2x

Tessa Rossi (5/12/17)

Isla Anderson (5/15/17) 2x

Owen Fadell (5/31/17)

Paige Roberts (5/31/17) 6x

Jaxxon Cheslik (5/31/17)

Joshua Kelly (5/31/2017) 3x

Hope Winer (04/2017)

Dane Brubaker (03/14/2017)

Grace Ruffner (03/14/2017)

Coryn Turner (03/14/2017)

Paige Roberts (03/13/17) 3rdx

Zaidyn McDonald (03/7/17)

Noah McNaughton(03/O1/17) 4th Time

Mason Hendricks (03/01/17) 2x

Kelsey Green (03/01/17)

Paige Roberts (03/01/17)

Landon Lee (03/0/17)

Brian Harris (03/01/17)

Isla Anderson (02/03/17)

Noah McNaughton (2/03/17)

2016 Sasquatch Readers

Portia Rihia(12/2015)

Vayden Lawrence (6/01/2016)

Iliana Trujillo(6/1/2016)

Dylan Boeshaar (6/14/2016)

2015 Sasquatch Readers

Delilah Hanning (Swanson)

Savannah Tello (Fierro)

Aidan Whitesell (Washburn)

Brooklyn Dorsten (Vaver)

Carter Boltz (Vaver) also a 2014 Sasquatch Reader

Jasmine Orthouse (Hemstad)

Mrs. Neyman (library)